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những bài tập tập Word khung lớp 8 - Exercise on Word Formation

Nằm vào cỗ đề ôn tập Tiếng Anh lớp 8 theo chăm đề, bài tập Word khung tiếng Anh lớp 8 tất cả đáp án dưới đây bởi lasta.com.vn đọc cùng đăng thiết lập. Bài tập kết cấu từ một số loại trong giờ Anh lớp 8 gồm lời giải bao hàm 50 câu trắc nghiệm giờ Anh không giống nhau giúp các em kiểm tra kiến thức và kỹ năng về đa số Word Formation lớp 8 đã học tập kết quả.

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* Xem lại định hướng tại: Word form lớp 8 đầy đủExercise 1. Choose the correct answer.1.How many ___________ took part in the 22nd SEA Games?A. competitorsB. competitiveC. competesD. competitions2. Boys often enjoy doing things in a ___________ way.A. createB. creativeC. creativityD. creatively3. The problem of ________ aý muốn young people is hard to lớn solve.

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A. employmentB. employeesC. employersD. unemployment4. Some people are concerned with physical___________ when choosing a wife or husbvà.A. attractiveB. attractionC. attractivenessD. attractively5. He can’t hear because of his ___________A. deafB. deafnessC. deafenD. deafened6. These countries are ___________ in exporting shrimps.A. preferB. preferenceC. preferentialD. preferentially7. The children ___________ high grade at school.A. achieveB. achievementC. achievableD. achieving8. His pronunciation causes me a lot of ________.A. difficultiesB. difficultC. difficultyD. difficultly9 . She was the first in her family khổng lồ enjoy the privilege of a university ________.A. educatedB. educationalC. educatingD. education10. Buckingsi mê Palace is a major tourist ________ in London.A. attractB. attractionC. attractiveD. attractiveness11. Is pointing at someone ________ rude in your country?
A. considerB. lớn considerC. consideredD. considering12. Some species of rare animals are in ________ of extinction.A. dangerB. dangerousC. dangerouslyD. endanger13. Electronic music is a kind of music in which sounds are produced __________ .A. electronB. electricC. electronicD. electronically14. He has been very interested in doing research on _______ since he was at high school.A. biologyB. biologicalC. biologistD. biologically15. Are you sure that boys are more _______ than girls?A. actB. activeC. actionD. activity16. These quiông chồng & easy _______ can be effective sầu in the short term, but they have sầu a cost.A. solveB. solvableC. solutionsD. solvability17. Can you tell me about the ________ process lớn tertiary study in Vietnam?A. applyB. applicableC. applicationD. applicant18. Housework is ________ shared between them.A. equallyB. equalC. equalityD. equalizing19. Tam has never lost her _________ for teaching.A. enthusiasticB. enthusiasmC. enthusiastD. enthusiasticallyđôi mươi. Don’t forget lớn say goodbye lớn the ___________ before leaving the office.A. interviewerB. interviewingC. intervieweeD. interview21. Working as an astronaut require high___________ knowledge.
A. techniqueB. technicalC. technicallyD. technician22. My grandmother is very _______ in history.A. interestB. interestsC. interestedD. interesting23. Vietnamese athletes performed_______ and won a lot of gold medals.A. excellentB. excellentlyC. excellenceD. excel24. WHO’s main activities are carrying out retìm kiếm on medical _______ & improving international health care.A. developB. developingC. developmentD. develops25. Scientific progress supplies us with ____________.A. conveniencesB. convenientC. inconvenienceD. inconveniences26. The panda’s __________ habitat is the bamboo forest.A. natureB. naturalC. naturallyD. natured27. The Games really became a festival that impressed sports___________A. enthusiastsB. enthusiasmC. enthuseD. enthusiastic28. Did you remember anything ……..at the party?A. interestedB. interestingC. interestsD. lớn interest29 . In rainy seasons, roads in the village are always ___________A. mudB. muddedC. muddingD. muddy30 .Lindomain authority likes wearing ___________ clothes.A. colourB. colourfullyC. colourfulD. colourless31.. Her own mistakes made her very ___________ of the faults of others.A. tolerableB. tolerantC. tolerateD. tolerated32 . All the teachers work on an entirely­­­­___________ basis.A. volunteerB. volunteeredC. voluntaryD. voluntarily33 . Books are still a cheap way to lớn get information and ___________A. entertainmentB. entertainC. entertainingD. entertainer34 . To Americans, it is impolite to ask someone about age, ___________. và salary.A. marry
B. marriedC. marriageD. marrying35. Life here is very _____.A. peacefullB. peacefulC. peaceD. peacefulness36. Women usually don’t shake hands when being _____.A. introducingB. introductionC. introducedD. introducer37. He was so _____ that he had an accident.A. caringB. carelessC. carefulD. carefully38. Farmers can enrich the soil by using ______.A. fertileB. fertilityC. fertilizeD. fertilizers39. Nowadays, chemicals are ______ into some fruits khổng lồ reduce decay.A. injectionB. injectingC. injectD. injected40. What’s your _______? – I’m Vietnamese.A. nationB. nationalC. nationalityD. international41. In this course, students receive _______ in the basic English grammar.A. instructB. instructionalC. instructionD. instructive42. I _____ hlặng for his honesty.A. respectiveB. respectfulC. respectableD. respect43. All of the students appreciate the ______ of English learning.A. importB. importantC. importantlyD. importance44. We can enjoy live sầu programmes through _______ satellites.A. communicateB. communicationC. communicativeD. communicable45. All of my students appreciate the___________ of English learningA. importB. importantC. importantlyD. importance46. She is ___________ in asking for bigger salary. She worked hardA. reasonB. reasonableC. unreasonableD. unreasonably47. Are you ___________ of the danger that you are facing?A. senseB. sensibleC. senselessD. sensation48. This book is interesting. It’s also well-.___________A. illustratingB. illustratedC. illustrationD. illustrate49. My brother is studying___________ engineeringA. electronicB. electricC. electricalD. electrified50. Communist is the highest khung of___________A. socialB. socialistC. societyD. socialismĐÁP.. ÁN1. A2. B3. D4. B5. B6. B7. B8. A9. D10. B11. C12. A13. D14. A15. B16. C17. C18. A19. Btrăng tròn. A21. B23. B22. B24. C25. A26. B27. B28. B29. D30. C31. D32. C33. A34. C35. B36. C37. B38. D39. D40. C41. C42. D43. D44. C45. D46. B47. B48. B49. C50. D

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