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(lasta.com.vn) - Apple has announced the iPhone 6S & iPhone 6S Plus at an event in San Francisteo. The two new iPhones won"t come as too much of a surprise, with many expecting them, but there were a few more features addedthan normal, given we are in an S year.

The company claimed the new iPhones "may look familiar but we have sầu changed everything". In light of this, we have sầu compared the iPhone 6S Plus lớn the iPhone 6 Plus to see what the differences are and what Apple has changed.

Same design, but new colour và material for iPhone 6S Plus

The điện thoại Apple iPhone 6S Plus & the iPhone 6 Plus are almost identical in thiết kế. As we mentioned, itis an S year so this was khổng lồ be expected. Apple didopt for a different grade of aluminium in the new device, and introduced a new colour - rose pink - so there have sầu been a couple of slight thiết kế changes.

The new 7000 grade aluminium is the same material Apple used on its Apple Watch. It is said khổng lồ be stronger but lighter than what the iPhone 6 Plus is made from so hopefully that means the over of any more bendgate incidents.

Same size và resolution display but iPhone 6S Plus adds 3DTouch

The iPhone 6 Plus was the device that took Apple into phablet territory with its 5.5-inch display. The iPhone 6S Plus sticks with the same kích cỡ, but it features what Apple is calling 3D Touch. You can read all about the công nghệ in our dedicated feature, but in a nutshell, a hard press will deliver a different cấp độ of interaction. For example, holding down the camera app icon will bring up what Apple calls a Peep, which is a thực đơn offering easy access to various features such as the selfie camera.

Both the iPhone 6S Plus and the iPhone 6S feature Full HD resolutions at 1920 x 1080, which means a px mật độ trùng lặp từ khóa of 401ppi. This is lower than the competing devices at this kích cỡ, but the iPhone 6 Plus display was still good, so we"d expect the same from the iPhone 6S Plus.

Some thought the resolution would see a bump in the new device but this wasn"t the case for the iPhone 6S or iPhone 6S Plus.

Improved camera on the iPhone 6S Plus

The iPhone camera has seen a lot of praise over the last few years. It may not have sầu as many megapixels as its competitors, but the iPhone 6 & iPhone 6 Plus are still able to take very good smartphone shots.

The iPhone 6S Plus does up the megapixels however, bringing it a little closer lớn other devices in its market, thoughstill not on par. The iPhone 6S Plus will come with a 12-megapx rear snapper & a 5-megapixeland Apple claims the iPhone 6S Plus will take better pictures than the iPhone 6 Plus.

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The iPhone 6 Plus by comparison features an 8-megapx rear camera and a 1.2-megapixel front camera so there should be noticeable improvement with the new device.

The iPhone 6S Plus will also come with a new feature called Live sầu Phokhổng lồ. When you take a picture, the iPhone 6S Plus will automatically capture 1.5-seconds previous khổng lồ the shot being taken và 1.5-seconds after. You will then be able lớn "play" the image when you look at it on any Apple device, allowing you khổng lồ relive the moment it was taken in, lượt thích the cars going past or the ripples in water.

Faster processor on the iPhone 6S Plus

The iPhone 6 Plus features the A8 processor & M8 motion coprocessor, while the iPhone 6S Plus has the new A9 chip with a integratedA9 motion coprocessor.According khổng lồ Apple, the new processor means the iPhone 6S Plus will be 70 per cent faster in terms of CPU & 90 per cent faster in terms of GPU than the A8 so you can expect a performance improvement.

Both the iPhone 6S Plus và the iPhone 6 Plus are available in 16GB, 64GB & 128GB storage options, none of which offer expandable storage via microSD. They are also the same price.

Similar software experience

Apple always debuts its new iOS software on the lademo iPhone, which means the 6S Plus will feature iOS 9 và all the new features. The iPhone 6 Plus will get the update to lớn iOS 9 however, so there will be no difference in software experience between these two devices.

Apple"s iOS 9 will bring improvements khổng lồ Siri, search và Maps, as well as change the name of Passbook to lớn Wallet, aước ao other features.


The điện thoại Apple iPhone 6S Plus makes several improvements over the iPhone 6 Plus, including colour choice, display technology, camera & processor.

All the changes are mainly on the inside, but there are a few exciting additions on the iPhone 6S Plus that makes upgrading more justifiable.

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The iPhone 6 is a fantastic device but the iPhone 6S Plus is the winner in terms of the numbers & the extra tech.

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