Fix “windows can’t connect to this network” error

“Why can’t I connect lớn Wi-Fi?!” We’ve all said it. Here’s how to troubleshoot comtháng Wi-Fi connection problems at home.

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On a Mac, look for the Wi-Fi (AirPort) card in the top right corner of your screen (next khổng lồ the sound and battery icons in your menu). Click on the option khổng lồ “Turn Wi-Fi On.” If your thực đơn icon doesn’t show anything in the menu bar, Apple recommends selecting “System Preferences” from the main Apple menu, selecting the Network icon and then clicking on Wi-Fi. From there, kiểm tra the box khổng lồ “Show Wi-Fi status in thực đơn bar.”


To kiểm tra if your wireless adapter is enabled on other Apple devices, check your settings khổng lồ make sure the device isn’t in airplane mode và that Wi-Fi connectivity is on. On Android devices, check your settings to make sure the device’s airplane mode is off và that Wi-Fi is on.

3. Another network adapter related issue for computers could be that your network adapter driver is out of date. Essentially, computer drivers are pieces of software telling your computer hardware how to work. Updating your network adapter drivers by going khổng lồ your Device Manager, selecting Network Adapters và then selecting Update Driver. Follow the instructions and after your computer restarts, see if you can connect khổng lồ the Wi-Fi again.

4. If that doesn’t work, investigate potential hardware or software problems. Hardware problems aren’t prevalent, but an older computer or tablet’s network adapter could suddenly stop working if it overheats. To fix hardware issues, you can take your device khổng lồ a repair store & see if they can assist in replacing any hardware. Depending on the age of your computer or other device, you may need to lớn purchase a newer version of it.

Software issues might come up if you have sầu a computer virus, which could disable or bloông chồng your ability khổng lồ connect lớn Wi-Fi. You’ll want to lớn scan your computer or device for viruses & remove sầu any if found. Then restart your computer và try connecting again.

Troubleshoot Wi-Fi network issues

Wireless network issues range from a specific router channel being overcrowded khổng lồ router settings that mess with your connection. If your device isn’t responsible for connectivity issues, try these tips for evaluating your trang chính network.

How to tell if you have sầu network problems

If you’ve tried troubleshooting potential device problems, but they didn’t work, then you probably have sầu a network issue. You can confirm it’s your network and not your device by trying lớn connect other smart devices to your Wi-Fi network.

How to fix your network problems

1. Just as your IT guy starts with a computer reboot, your mạng internet service provider will tell you lớn unplug your modem and then plug it baông chồng in. If that doesn’t work, unplug your router, give it a minute và then plug it baông xã in. Sometimes, restarting your modem or router will rephối your network and the issue magically disappears.

2. Next, kiểm tra your wireless network configuration. Many routers today use dual-b& technology to lớn extover the router’s range and Wi-Fi speeds. That means your router enables Wi-Fi communication via 2.4 GHz channels or 5 GHz channels.

However, settings on your router could have sầu changed without you knowing & require your device to use a specific channel. Sometimes those channels appear like separate Wi-Fi networks on your device. Your phone or máy tính may try to lớn connect lớn a specific channel that seems available, but it’s not the network connection your router now requires. Chechồng what channel your router’s using by logging into lớn your router’s website interface.

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Once you figure out if your router is mix to a specific channel, you can also reset which channel your router uses. Resetting the channel can fix connection issues caused by an overcrowded Wi-Fi channel. Most 2.4 GHz routers come with a default channel of 6, but you can change the channel by logging inlớn your router’s control panel using the router IP address.

3. Reset your network by using your máy tính. In Windows, go khổng lồ “Settings,” then “Network & Internet,” then “Status” & cliông xã on “Network Rephối.”


In a Mac operating system, Apple recommends you check your TCP/IP settings in your “System Preferences” Network pane. There, clichồng the “Renew DHCP.. lease” button. Then select Wi-Fi and you’ll see your “Preferred Networks.” Cliông xã OK và navigate khổng lồ your stored network passwords using “Keychain Access Utility.” There, remove your stored network passwords & restart your computer.

4. Cheông chồng that your wireless network adapter’s SSID is available và what its status is. If your Network Adapter reads “Not Connected,” cliông xã “Connect.” One of two things may happen. If you can’t connect to your network, you may need to debug your wireless network settings (an advanced, technical troubleshooting issue). Or, your status may say “Acquiring Network Address” or “Authenticating.” If that happens, you may need lớn click “Diagnose” lớn fix an IP.. address issue.

Internet service provider issues

You might be blocked entirely from Wi-Fi due to any of the following problems that can only be fixed by your internet service provider:

You haven’t paid your billYou were illegally transmitting/storing specific types of informationThere’sa weather- or disaster-related network issue

How to lớn tell if you have mạng internet service provider problems

The first thing you can bởi is go to lớn your internet provider’s customer service site to kiểm tra if local outages are affecting your connection.

If there aren’t local outages, Call your internet provider. They may tell you about outages that haven’t been updated online yet. They can also let you know if you can’t get a connection because you have late payments or because they detected illegal data on your network.

Another Wi-Fi issue you might experience related khổng lồ your provider is internet throttling. Run a standard internet tốc độ kiểm tra và then a VPN speed demo during different online activities and different times of the day. You can then compare the speeds và see if your internet provider is throttling your internet connection.

How lớn fix your provider problems

Some provider-related problems are out of your control. For instance, you may just have sầu khổng lồ wait out weather issues that have taken down cables.

However, if late payments have resulted in disconnection, talk to your provider about paying to restore your internet service.

If illegal content transmission resulted in no service, pay any related fines và talk to lớn your provider about how you can get service restored.

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If you notice that your provider seems khổng lồ be throttling your mạng internet unfairly, let your mạng internet service provider know. điện thoại tư vấn them, email them and visit a retail store with your speed demo data in hand. Keep in mind that some mạng internet plans have sầu terms và conditions that allow for internet throttling, so you may not be able to lớn resolve sầu the slow connection issues from throttling.