Have you just seen the "Your PC ran into lớn a problem and needs khổng lồ restart" error? Learn what this generic error is và fix it.

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Has your Windows computer suddenly crashed, stopped working, or is refusing khổng lồ boot? If so, you might encounter the "Your PC ran into a problem và needs lớn restart" error.

This is a comtháng và generic PC error, often referred khổng lồ as the "blue screen of death". We"re going to talk you through every step of this error: what it means, how lớn know what your specific PC problem is, và how khổng lồ fix that issue.

your pc ran into lớn a problem and needs to lớn restart error
Above is a picture of the "Your PC ran inlớn a problem & needs khổng lồ restart" error screen. It"s often called the "blue screen of death" (or BSOD) error---you can figure out why!

This example says, "We"ll restart for you". The screen might also say "We"re just collecting some error info, & then we"ll restart for you".

This error screen usually happens when your computer has shut down or restarted unexpectedly, or if something is stopping it booting.

At the top of the screen is a sad face, followed by the problem message. Next, a line reads:

For more information about this issue & possible fixes, visit https://www.windows.com/stopcode

Type this URL inlớn your internet browser và it"ll take you lớn Microsoft"s tư vấn page. Since these errors can occur for a variety of issues, the support on this page is generic rather than specific to your problem. You can also scan the QR code (that"s the section on the bottom left) on your phone to be taken khổng lồ the same page.

The most pertinent part of this screen is at the bottom where it lists a "Stop code". In our example, the stop code is "BAD_SYSTEM_CONFIG_INFO". Yours might be something different. That"s because a stop code is an identifier that helps underst& why you received this error in the first place.

You should write down this stop code so that you can refer to lớn it later. If you"re in an organization, take this stop code lớn your local administrator so they can help diagnose the problem.

If you"re a trang chủ user, contact Microsoft support, follow their automated help, then when you get through lớn an agent you can give sầu them the stop code.

There are hundreds of possible stop code errors. Some other examples are:


How khổng lồ Fix Specific Stop Code Errors

We have sầu written articles on how to lớn fix specific stop code errors. If you see your error listed below, cliông xã it to visit that article. If yours isn"t listed, keep reading for some general troubleshooting advice.

How to Fix a "Your PC Ran Into a Problem and Needs lớn Restart" Error

As discussed, there are so many reasons why you might see a "Your PC ran inkhổng lồ a problem & needs khổng lồ restart" error, which means it"s not possible lớn provide the guaranteed solution. However, there are things that are more likely to lớn cause these errors. As such, follow these troubleshooting steps và it might fix the problem.

1. Unplug External Hardware

Have sầu you recently plugged in a new external drive sầu, mouse, keyboard, or similar to lớn your computer? If so, this could be causing the problem.

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Unplug everything that you don"t need and see if the problem goes away. If it does, plug one device in, restart, & see if everything remains stable. Repeat this process until you identify the faulty hardware, then liên hệ the manufacturer.

2. Uninstall Recently Added Software

uninstall a program on windows 10
Software that you tải về và install can cause unexpected problems. If you receive the blue screen error after you have recently installed something, you should remove it. This can often happen with antivirus software.

To uninstall a program, press Windows key + I lớn open Settings. Cliông xã Apps. This brings up a danh mục of all your installed programs. On the Sort by dropdown, clichồng this and change it khổng lồ Installation date.

Now the most recently installed programs will appear at the top. To remove sầu one, select it from the list và clichồng Uninstall.

open the device manager properties
A driver is a piece of software that helps Windows 10 control hardware. For example, your graphics thẻ, printer, & network adapter all use drivers.

Drivers update periodically khổng lồ ensure compatibility with the lathử nghiệm version of Windows 10. However, sometimes a driver update can break your system. As such, you may need khổng lồ roll baông chồng a driver update---that is, go baông chồng to lớn a previous version.

To bởi vì this, press Windows key + X & click Device Manager. This tool shows categories like Display adaptors and Monitors, which you can double click to expand and see the devices within.

Right click a device & cliông xã Properties > Driver. Look at the Driver Date, as this will tell you when the driver was last updated. If the date coincides with when you started having trouble, clichồng Roll Baông xã Driver (if available) or Uninstall Device (the device will reinstall when you restart).

Windows 10 May 2019 Windows Update
Windows 10 should keep itself updated automatically, but there might be an update in the tải về queue that hasn"t processed.

Keeping Windows 10 updated is important because it means you will benefit from the latest features và bug fixes. Your blue screen error might be happening because of software or hardware incompatibility that has been solved in a recent update.

To kiểm tra, press Windows key + I lớn open Settings and cliông xã Update và Security > Cheông xã for updates. If there are any updates, follow any prompts lớn download and install them immediately.

More Help và Troubleshooting Tips

If the advice above hasn"t helped you get rid of the "Your PC ran into lớn a problem & needs khổng lồ restart" error, don"t worry. We have sầu a whole other guide packed with more tư vấn on how to solve the xanh screen of death.

Analyze Your Blue Screen Error With Advanced Tools

Hopefully, this has helped you underst& the meaning of the "Your PC ran into a problem và needs khổng lồ restart" error and guided you towards relevant support.

If you still need help and are an advanced user, you can solve sầu blue screen errors using third-tiệc nhỏ programs.

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